Algorithmic Combinatorics on Words REU
June 27 - July 3, 2005 (Week 4) Schedule

All events are in room 335, Bryan Building, unless otherwise noted.

Monday, June 27

9:30 am team meetings

Tuesday, June 28

9:30 am team meetings
3:00 pm coffee
3:30 pm Guest speaker: Dr. Nancy Green, UNCG (NSF CAREER Awardee)

Probabilistic Belief Networks for Modeling Genomic Health


Project GenIE ( is using artificial intelligence knowledge representation and natural language generation techniques to create patient-tailored genomic health information. In this talk we describe our approach to modeling the patient's genomic health using probabilistic belief networks.

Wednesday, June 29

9:30 am team meetings

Thursday, June 30

9:30 am Presentation: "Critical Factorization Theorem" by Nathan Wetzler
10:30 am Presentation: "Critical Factorization Theorem" by Jeffery Zhang
1:00 pm Presentation: "Fine and Wilf's Periodicity Result on Partial Words and Consequences" by Kevin Corcoran and Jenell Nyberg

Friday, July 1

9:30 am Presentation: "Equations on Partial Words" by Dakota Blair and Rebeca Lewis
1:00 pm Presentation: "Unbordered Partial Words" by Jonathan Britton and Joel Dodge

Saturday, July 2