University Registrar's Office

Spring 1999 Academic Calendar

January 4, Monday

Undergraduate academic suspension appeals deadline
January 7–9,
Orientation, advising and registration for all students based on student population and classification
January 11, Monday
Classes begin (8:00 a.m.)
January 11–15,
Late Registration and Schedule Adjustment
January 15, Friday
Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress appeals deadline
January 15, Friday
Deadline for undergraduate students to apply to graduate in May 1999
January 15, Friday
Last day to change courses or course sections without special permission
January 18, Monday
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Classes dismissed; offices closed
January 19, Tuesday
Last day to drop a course(s) and be entitled to a refund on tuition and fees
January 19, Tuesday
Deadline for graduate students to apply to graduate in May 1999
February 15, Monday
Deadline for undergraduate students to apply to student teach during 1999-2000
February 22, Monday
Six weeks unsatisfactory progress reports due in University Registrar's Office
February 27, Saturday
Instruction ends for Spring Break (1:00 p.m.)
March 1, Monday
Financial aid priority filing date for 1999-2000 academic year
March 8, Monday
Classes resume following Spring Break (8:00 a.m.)
March 10, Wednesday
Last day to drop course(s) without academic penalty
March 26, Friday
Final date for oral examinations for May doctoral candidates 
April 1–15,
Summer and/or Fall Semester advising for continuing undergraduate students in major departments, by appointment
April 2, Friday
Spring Holiday. Classes dismissed; offices closed
April 5–9, 12–15,
Monday–Friday, Monday–Thursday
Registration for continuing students for Summer and/or Fall Semester
April 9, Friday
Deadline for filing one signed copy of dissertation in the Graduate Office
April 22, Thursday
Deadline for filing one copy of thesis in the Graduate School Office
May 4, Tuesday
Last day of classes
May 5, Wednesday
Reading Day
May 5, Wednesday
Final date for complete clearance of May candidates for graduate degrees
May 6–8, 10–12,
Thursday–Saturday, Monday–Wednesday
Final Examinations
May 16, Sunday